01739: Cold January

It's really cold this month.

Over the years it seems like our climate has shifted in a manner that our Januaries tend to be a heck of a lot colder than the Decembers before them. This year seems particularly cold and it practically feels like we're all enjoying the benefits of free air conditioning. It's just as well, I suppose - electricity rates are higher than ever with other increases temporarily blocked by a court order. Colder nights mean less reliance on air conditioning by some and even electric fans by others.

The cold naturally makes it harder to do...just about anything. It's always more tempting to just stay in bed. And when you can't manage that, one always feels loathe to leave your home for any reason. But life goes on and the wheels of commerce must continue to turn - we all have our jobs to do. And even though I just recently came from two weeks away from the office given the holidays, it's far too tempting to just stay home and seal myself away in a cocoon of geekery.

But work is work - an annoying little mantra that has stuck with me over my career. It stresses the fact that work cannot be anything but what it is - a means to an end. We accept that we do what we need to do in order to earn a living and have the resources for the things that matter more like living expenses and the geekier stuff in life. I've always been fairly self-motivating in this regard - if you can't motivate yourself, then you won't last long in life.

But man, I really wish I could just stay home.