01736: Steady As She Goes

This one was rather scary
My daily walks on the way home from work have proven to be rather interesting exploration time for me. And on rather pleasant days like this with the weather feeling a bit more brisk than usual, walking doesn't end up being so arduous an affair.

I still develop a little soreness in my legs and the left side of my lower back, but nothing as severe as a full side stitch or something. I'm just walking after all - it's not like I'm engaged in a marathon. But hey, more physical activity is a good thing and I should continue to push myself more and more over the coming weeks. Maybe I'll even muster up the courage to pull out the exercise mat and try to follow along one of the many exercise videos we've somehow gathered over the years. Cereal may be to blame.

Given I've been walking for 4 days now, I've also been able to explore from 6th Street to 9th Street. Yes, I've steadily been walking a bit farther every day, although I don't quite foresee going all the way to 20th or something. I might make it as far as 15th though, given enough time. I haven't seen any viable housing options to explore just yet, but I have noted some interesting quirks about the various streets. I've also identified a few rather interesting townhouse projects that I sort of wish had some availability by now. As much as beggars can't be choosers, I still hold to the belief that the right house will just come along in time. We'll know it when it comes along. Until then, we're not exactly rushing to get there, although it's going to be a little close.

Lose weight. Find a house. Continue to gather more geeky things for the Sietch. Those goals aren't mutually exclusive, right?