01735: Feet on the Street

So I've been holding to my promise to walk more in order to somewhat improve my general health. After three days of varied routes through the backstreets of Cubao, the weighing scale tells me that I may have lost 3 pounds already. Either that, or this is just water weight fluctuating around my system. I've also limited myself to my one primary meal at the office and maybe a snack of crackers - no more junk food to help keep me awake. I've also weaned off instant coffee mixes which are pretty rich in milk and sugar - the loss of this has made my work nights a little harder to manage, admittedly. I still allow myself tea, but that never feels quite as satisfying as coffee.

At the same time, I've been using my walks through Cubao as an opportunity to look for townhouses that might be sale. I've been walking down a different street every time. Thus over three days I've covered a lot of new ground although I've yet to spot any key prospects of interest. I do have one phone number to try calling, but it didn't specify where in Cubao the townhouse is. What I like about these walks is that I get to know the street itself better. Thus I now know that 8th Avenue is rather commercial while 6th is a bit more quiet.

Regardless, at least I'm varying my level of challenge for my walks and addressing the housing goal at the same time, in a manner of speaking. In time I know I'll run out of these nearby streets to explore and I may have to consider exploring other areas. As long as my body can handle the walking, I'll certainly go for it.