01733: One Step at a Time

So I tried to stay in line with my initial plans for the year and brought a pair of more comfortable shoes with me when I went to work. I switched over just before I left the office and followed through with my initial plan of getting down a station early at Santolan instead of Cubao. It was a bit of a walk from the MRT station all the way home - I walked further down Santolan in the hopes of finding a quieter side street to walk the rest of the way home. I ended up taking 7th Avenue all the way back to P.Tuazon then doubled back towards EDSA to get to the Sietch. It wasn't exactly that long a walk, but it was enough to get me breathing a little faster and had my left leg giving me issues all the way to my lower back. Clearly, I have a bit of a ways to go in terms of my fitness goals.

Today was also a fitness day for Yoshi. Tobie took time off from work so that we could bring him in for his annual vaccine boosters and to have the doctor look at his rather insistent scratching as of late. Thankfully it's nothing too serious, but the vet wants to be sure so Yoshi will be on antibiotics for a while. This means the challenge of administering drugs and more frequent medicated baths until the itching fully subsides.

I suspect that we're going to end up buying a hair dryer for Yoshi to help prevent future issues of a similar nature. It just seems a little crazy since neither Tobie nor myself need a hair dryer - heck, we barely even use combs! I also think I want to get a cordless vacuum like my sister's - it'll certainly go a long way in terms of daily maintenance here at the Sietch. Yoshi's in full bloom right now and we have all these little furry dust bunnies littered around the Sietch. How one little dog produces so much fur is a mystery to me.