01730: Recharge Cylce In-Progress

The past few days have been a great opportunity to truly unwind after the busy holiday season. I know I have a brand new work week to look forward to just around the corner but for now I'm making the most of my time off. Then I'll need to hit the ground running back at the office and barrel through things as best as I can. That's all that can be expected, really.

And as you can glean from my blog posts, my core sources of stress-relief and relaxation primarily consist of staying home at the Sietch, playing board games and generally spending quality time with Tobie. Sure, going out to places like Greenhills and O Bar are pretty fun too, but there's nothing quite like just staying home to really help me recharge and rejuvenate. Maybe it has something to do with Yoshi.

Over the past few days we've watched a heck of a lot of downloaded TV shows, played a number of brilliant board games with friends and occasionally ventured out for good food. We have another game day scheduled for tomorrow so all I really need is to find time for a massage and I think I'll be totally ready for work. At least that's the theory.