0172F: All In The Name Of Theater

So today I finally ventured out of the Sietch to get some errands done and to finally settle my business with Repertory Philippines.

You see, I've been keen on signing up for their Year Pass offer given how much fun Tobie and I had with their Season Pass last year. The difference between the two is that the Year Pass gives you a discounted rate for watching all of their shows for the year and not just their straight plays. And while I'm not necessarily too excited about their children's musical Pinocchio, at least we'll get all the other shows.

While I was in Singapore, it turned out that Repertory had mailed two Year Passes to the Sietch. The only caveat was that these tickets still needed to be paid for given it also involved reserving which seats we'd use for the season. But the letter didn't exactly provide options for how to settle things apart from the option to mail them a check - which I suppose is the rather traditional way of doing things. But given this age of credit cards and online payments, you'd think that there would be the option to just send in one's payment electronically and confirm the seats over the phone. But hey, nothing's perfect.

I tried calling Repertory's listed phone numbers but no one was answering yesterday and today - I suppose they decided to take a long holiday as well. I tried messaging their Facebook page and the person handling it referred me to call TicketWorld, their ticket sales partner. I called TicketWorld today and the rep wasn't too sure what I should do so the girl referred me to go to a TicketWorld partner outlet in person. And that's what dragged me out today as well - walking over to the main office of National Bookstore and see if we could figure things out with the TicketWorld representative.

The girl at the booth was also similarly clueless as to what to do with the tickets. She tried calling her superiors and they didn't have any helpful information for us either. So in the end I just bought entirely new tickets from her and the ones that Repertory mailed over are just sitting together with the rest of my mail for now. Disappointing to some extent, but at least I was still able to get the tickets confirmed. Plus we were able to reserve pretty good seats for the whole year - the center seats of Row F!

And now we're settling in for a game board night with friends - something that should be pretty interesting given all the games that I had brought home from Singapore. Hurrah for geekery!
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