0172E: Geeky Home Day

For one reason or another, I just didn't feel like stepping out today. I could have - I'm still on leave after all. But I didn't.

Instead I slept in and unboxed my Star Trek starships. And similar to how I unbox Transformers, I also took the time to take photos of all these different ships. I have 6 of the ships from the collection so far and they are all exquisitely gorgeous. Yes, I just used the word "exquisite" to describe little metal spaceships. But it's not my fault - the word totally fits!

I did get other errands done and the Sietch appears to be back in full working order. I'm still trying to pin down the folks from Repertory Philippines so I can figure out how to take advantage of these gold passes that they mailed me. I'm not sure if we're going to go see Rak of Aegis but it's still under consideration. I can't quite explain why I wandered into talking about local theater, but then that's part of why this is a personal blog and not a news magazine or something.

The Sietch is such a comforting place - then again everyone feels the same way about their home. But seriously, it always feels so difficult to leave. There is never a reason to think that there's nothing to do when you're here between all my books, Transformers, game and other collectibles. It's such a great place to hide away from the world.

If I could find a way to work from home and still live the same lifestyle that I do, then I would. I'd spend my days here with Tobie and Yoshi and would only venture out to increase the overall geeky quotient of the Sietch.

Are there geek auditors out there? I'd love to get the Sietch assessed so I could get some sort of a certificate that we make the A grade or something. That would be awesome.