0172D: New Year Geekery

So it's officially 2014 - Happy New Year folks! And to start the new year right, I've take the time to build the LEGO DeLorean that I had ordered via Amazon last year. Hooray for Cyber Monday deals!

Tobie and I were supposed to try and pick up a new Transformer that I had pre-ordered before the holidays, but of course the entire Greenhills shopping complex was closed for the day. So we ended up at Trinoma just because we were sure that they were open today even though it's not our favorite mall. Parking is just horrendous there so it's only feasible to go when you expect less people.

So we ate at Fish & Co. for old-time's sake (although the salmon cannelloni was horrible - never again!) and then ended up wandering around the mall in search of geek stuff. Trinoma is hardly the best place for geekery given the only stores of interest are the different bookstores and Neutral Grounds. Tobie found a small game for himself. Then we wandered into Toys R Us and I got more Kre-O Transformers.

Ugh, goodbye money. Hello more geek joy. And then we hope to actually play board games with geek friends later tonight. 2014 is looking pretty awesome.