0168E: Halloween Hacking

Happy Halloween, everyone!

The company had its annual trick-or-treat event across our sites and so things were a little crazy right before I left the office. But it was a nice kind of crazy and it was rather delightful to see all the different costumes that the kids arrived in. Sure, many of them were store-bought get-ups, but there were a few creative costumes of interest that really had me gushing. I just wish I had managed to take more photos - it always feels a little awkward to take photos of other people's kids, especially when they involve co-workers. Well the point is that the kids had fun. And major kudos to the program that setup a cotton candy machine in the office - the queue was insane!

On the home front, I'm still struggling with a bit of a lingering cough, which is annoying the heck out of me. It feels like the cough has some relation to my asthma, but I guess I can't be entirely sure unless I go see a doctor. In the meantime I'm trying to be diligent with my usual asthma meds and asthma-cough meds, but it remains to be a bit of a struggle. But given there is a relatively long weekend ahead, it's really not a time that I want to be sick. So boo that.

I still have work tonight. But at least I'll have Friday night off. Yay for consolations.