0168C: Old Movies

So it's just me and Yoshi at the Sietch right now since Tobie is at work, so I decided to finally address another gap in my movie history by finally watching The Usual Suspects. I love a good caper / noir film and this is one that I know that I should have watched much sooner but you know how life is. Besides, the movie came out when I was still in grade school - at the time I wasn't even allowed to watch the movie. Although, I did watch Copycat for some reason. Life's funny that way.

That has me thinking of older movies that I should catch up on and finally address. There are far too many movies out there that deserve to be watched that at times it's hard to figure out what to begin. For example, I have not watched the Godfather movies in their entirety and other mob movies of the era. And I have yet to watch a Bette Davis movie. It's a little easier to figure out what to possible watch when you assign them to categories like that.

Oh gods, and this isn't even factoring in all the Asian movies that I need to see. And all those other movies from outside the US.

What movies would your recommend?
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