0168B: Weekend Observations

Given the overall diversity of the weekend, there have been a few items of note that I want to jot down here.

Forbidden Desert - I was not prepared for how awesome this board game turned out to be. Sure, we already enjoyed Forbidden Island, but a lot of that enjoyment was a bit more on of a Pandemic sort of level. But that totally didn't prepare us for how Forbidden Desert would be like. The game is absolutely brutal and in the 2-3 rounds that we tried playing, we still weren't able to beat the board even just on the novice level. But despite the fact that we kept losing, the game still felt fun enough to keep on trying. And we're definitely going to play it again in the hopes of finally completing the missing components for the airship and finally escape the brutal desert. Well, at least that might happen if we stop dying from thirst.

Vodka - Typically when we're at O Bar, Tobie and I order light beers throughout the night. It's just enough to have us end the night with a decent buzz and things don't taste too bad once you mix in some Extra Joss. But for high volume nights like the big Pride Parties that O Bar throws (such as last Saturday's Liberation Party), we've come to realize that it's a lot more practical to just order a full bottle of vodka and several cans of Sprite. Sure, it costs way more than a bunch of beers, but it drastically reduces our need to catch the attention of waiters in the insane party crowd and it does make the night a little more special. Plus sharing drinks is automatically a social exercise.

Vietnamese Food - More than any other cuisine, I think it's clear that Tobie and I have developed quite a taste for Vietnamese food. Pho is pretty much the ultimate comfort food and I'm glad that Tobie has come to share my love for the simple soup dish. And we've started experimenting with different dishes on the Pho Hoa menu in order to enjoy what else the country has to offer. As much as I'm not all that eager to travel for the sake of travel's sake, I think I might be open to a food adventure in Vietnam one day, if the circumstances are right. But I think we'd need a tour guide to being us around to all the good places to eat. And given Vietnam, I imagine that'll involve a lot of different street side cafes and other such hole-in-the-wall places.

Photography - I was taking a look back at the month of October and I totally haven't been taking as many photos as I used to. Sure, my HTC One is pretty handy for photos on the fly when we're going around, but I really want to make sure that I don't ignore my camera. I've totally screwed up my Project 365 activity for the year (I'll have to backtrack and assess how much I've missed out) but I'll try to salvage things moving forward. And I've pretty much defeated my backlog of photos to process, so I'm in a pretty good place now.

And how was your weekend?
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