0168A: Weekend Fatigue

Given last night's craziness at the O Bar Liberation Party and today's Gossamer Saga gaming session, I'm pretty beat. Tobie and I have no plans of going out again tonight - we're in full recovery mode for the rest of the night. Most folks will be able to enjoy the Barangay Election holiday tomorrow but we'll still have work to deal with - the consequences of having jobs tied to foreign partners.

Not complaining though - it was an awesome weekend all around. I cannot begin to capture in words how great the Liberation Party turned out to be (despite the liquor ban). We were with some good friends and the Oh Divas pulled out all the stops to put on some pretty phenomenal numbers. And I know it's pretty clear that we love O Bar already and we're regular fans of the Oh Divas, but I still felt that those drag queens made sure that yesterday's numbers were extra special. I was still able to manage both pictures and videos from yesterday despite the crowds, but I'll need some time to process them and such.

If anything, we're just going to veg out a bit, maybe play some Diablo III on the PS3 or watch some movies. The Sietch is never in search of entertainment options - plus there's Yoshi being his ever-lovable self.