01686: Sleepy Mole Day

First, HAPPY MOLE DAY! And we're not talking about the burrowing mammal here. Instead we're talking about Avogadro's Constant. I first learned of this nerdy holiday during my third year of high school and I've sort of always taken the time to remember it ever since. I may not be a chemist, but Molar Math was oddly fun for me.

Second, I'm thankful that I managed to survive last night's work shift. It was a major struggle to get out of bed given I had stayed up all day to watch the carpenter working on fixing our kitchen cabinets. He finally finished past 06:00pm and so I wasn't able to get to bed until about 07:00pm. I barely made it to work on time as it stood and the combination of lack of sleep and my continuing feelings of unwellness did not really help things along.

Today will hopefully be the last day of repair work and Tobie has managed to make arrangements to work remotely to take over for me. I don't think I'll survive another day of trying to stay up given my work schedule. The whole call center thing cuts both ways in a bad way. It's times like these that I really start thinking about whether or not I can survive this life for much longer. I've been getting sick a lot more recently, or at least that's how it seems to be. And that can't be a good thing.