01685: Zombie Worker Mode

I'm feeling better than yesterday but still not quite well, which did make my Monday night work shift a bit of a struggle. There were a number of times when I found it hard to focus on the tasks at hand, especially when it came to reports or anything else that required MS Excel. Total zombie night, even more so than normal. I don't exactly need illness to remind me why working at night will never feel 100% natural for any human being.

I'm feeling pretty tired now, but I can't go to sleep just yet given we're having some renovation work done here at the Sietch. Tobie is at the office right now so it falls to me to watch over the carpenter as he goes about his work. In some ways it's precisely because of my graveyard work schedule that I'm able to be home while this is going on. It seems next to impossible for "normal" workers to get such daytime errands done without leveraging family or something. Sure I'm going to have to pay for this with lack of sleep later at the office tonight, but otherwise my schedule really came in handy today.

Now if only my body would cooperate and get me back to feeling better. At least I'm not feverish - but I am rather sluggish and lethargic. And my appetite has actually been affected, which is especially weird for a guy my size. Yes, there's no denying that I'm overweight, and thus for me not to feel hungry does feel extra disturbing. Getting anything done is a bit of a struggle, and quite frankly that feeling just sucks.


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