01684: Bum Stomach Day

I've been struggling with a rather bad stomach bug for like more than a day now, which sucks big time. I hibernated away most of Sunday, even after Tobie had arrived home (sorry!) I'm still feeling somewhat weak right now, but at least better than yesterday. My appetite is still rather weak, but doing my best to force eating. It's a bad cycle if I don't eat since I'll just get weaker and things will get worse. So yeah, doing my best.

Oddly enough it sounds very similar to what Tobie had been dealing with in Singapore. It's weird to be suffering from similar ailments despite being in different countries, but hey that's life. It's full of strange coincidences.I just wish we had a geekier coincidence instead of a health-related one.

Tobie brought home some great stuff from Singapore. We now have new games added to our collection including Forbidden Desert, Munchkin Deluxe and Munchkin Unnatural Axe. He also found a lovely Vertigo Tarot set and two graphic novels - Hawkeye Vol. 2 and Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake. Fun stuff!

Now I just wish that my stomach would stabilize so I can stop drinking sports drinks and eating apples. We all have better things to do.