01683: Game, game, game!

Last night's game night went pretty well despite the fact that Tobie wasn't around. You see, he typically moderates these game sessions in terms of bringing out the next board game and explaining the rules to new players as needed. With Tobie in Singapore with his family, that function sort of fell to me instead as host for the evening. It felt a little awkward at times, but in the end I think things went as decent as could be expected, And more importantly, we still had a lot of fun.

We were able to play a total of three games last night, namely Dixit (with expansion), Citadels and Last Night on Earth with the Growing Hunger expansion. Of all the games our zombie fighting session was surprisingly different given the fact that it was our longest game that ran for the full 17 turns. Despite the valiant efforts of the heroes, the zombies still won through sheer attrition.

The game was pretty intense given just how many zombies died during the game. We even managed to convert two heroes into zombie heroes upon their deaths but they didn't last long against the efforts of our heroes either. We could have ended the game quicker by killing one more hero (yes we had killed three), but for one reason or another we just weren't able to dispatch any of the remaining ones. A combination of bad rolls and some pretty lethal weapons (meat cleavers and chainsaws) kept the zombies at bay. There was even a point when the board was practically wiped clean of zombies! But the win conditions for the heroes involved burning down the mansion where all the zombies were coming from and that just wasn't happening for them given how elusive the last gasoline canister turned out to be.

After some lengthy conversation time with Lanchie and Miguel, I ended up hibernating the afternoon away. There had been the option to join other friends for another game session in the area, but I just wasn't able to rouse myself. And now my stomach seems rather upset, further debilitating me. Ugh.

At least Tobie is already back in-country and on his way home. Then the Sietch will be a much happier place - Yoshi has been especially mopey since Tobie left.
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