01682: Saturday Preparations

Clean Gaming Table
I think I've finished my preparations for tonight's game night. The Sietch is still a bit of a mess given the re-organization efforts related to the new EZ Shelves (once ACE Hardware finally completes the order) but at least the rest of things are tidy enough. Thankfully the FTC ground predominantly involves good friends who have seen the Sietch's general state of disarray before, so I don't feel quite as bad.

Otherwise things are pretty quiet today. Yoshi has finally calmed down after his rather lengthy bath. It took me a while to restore him to his original white color, then I had to let a the medicated shampoo sink in a bit more in order to get the full effect. Nothing to be concerned about - just a recommendation from the vet to help potentially curb Yoshi's rather insistent scratching at times. And I think being stuck in the bathroom that long is what ultimately stressed him out even more today. So presto! One sleeping doggie.

I got me and Tobie a pair of those McDonald's Coke glasses as an early welcome home gift. He's not feeling too well, which really sucks since he's in Singapore right now. I hope it's just fatigue from his rather hectic work schedule over the past few days. If it's somehow related to the bug I was fighting last weekend, well, I'm just going to feel more frustrated that I'm all the way here and unable to do more to help him get better.

Well, I better get some rest now. I need to be able to wake up on my own in time for the game group.