01681: Waiting Up a Bit More...

I'm really tired right now, but I'm hoping to stay awake long enough to confirm that Tobie has arrived safely in Singapore. I know I have nothing to worry about - but of course it still feels like the right thing to do to wait up just a bit more. It's what partners do, after all. Then I can disappear into dream land and hope that I wake up in time for work tonight.

I've been trying to keep busy with doing chores around the Sietch, which is why I feel extra tired right now. Work was draining enough, but the additional work related to the keeping the Sietch in order aren't exactly a walk in the park either. And while I'm pretty sure I'm past the worst of my sickness, I don't think I'm at full strength again. 

Work tonight. Game night tomorrow. And then Tobie should be safely back home by Sunday. This weekend should blur by soon enough.

At least I think it will.