01680: Sietch Repairs

The Sietch is currently in a mild state of disarray. My on-going sickness has resulted in less strength to get my usual cleaning chores done, so the bathroom is a little less than ideal right now. The EZ Shelves order isn't complete since ACE Hardware gave us the wrong brackets, and so now we have a bunch of my toys and books lying around the living room waiting for the new shelves. And the door on the cabinet under the sink has completely worn away due to water damage and cheap materials, and so we need to get it replaced along with most of the cabinets as well. And all this worries me a bit more since we are expecting guests on Saturday night for an FTC game session. Long story there.

Tobie is set to fly off to Singapore with his family tomorrow morning, so we're pretty much going to part ways when I leave for work later tonight. He won't be back until Sunday, so it's up to me and Yoshi to watch over the Sietch and keep things in order until he gets back. It seems like a short period of time, but it still feels somewhat lengthy to anyone in a relationship. But yeah, I know we'll be back together at the Sietch soon enough.

The US Government has finally reached a deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. Freddie Aguilar is prepared to marry his 16 year old girlfriend. And a bus caught fire, somewhere near Araneta Avenue in Cubao. Just another day in this amazing world that we live in.