0167F: Druggie Days

So I managed to go to work last night, although I barely survived the shift only through the wonders of modern medicine. I feel decent enough while my medications are in full effect, but beyond that things get a little testy.

I was seriously hoping that I was already much better by today, but then my fever flared up sometime after getting home since I had fallen asleep before taking my next series of paracetamol and such. So boo that, guess I'm still on my various tablets and such for now. The alternative is worse, I suppose.

I also got to enjoy the unique pleasure of trying to run reports while on cold medication - not very fun at all. MS Excel and medicines that make you drowsy definitely to not mix.

I hibernated a lot of the day away and only managed to wake up since Tobie was persistent enough to give me a few wake up calls. Sadly he's still stuck at work. Boo that, too.

Well, I need to eat something to these meds don't ravage my stomach or something. Then it'll be my turn to prep for work soon enough.