0167E: Needing To Get Better

My cold has progressed to include a fever and a bit of a cough. I woke up running a 38C temperature last night and so I played it safe and opted not to go to work. It was a pain given that I had also been out last Friday and I hate it when I'm out for consecutive work days. It'll mean a lot of catch-up work when I eventually return to the office.

I hope to go back to work tonight in order to mitigate the potential impact on my work load. I peaked at 38.5C this morning and now I seem to be at a relatively comfortable 37.8C when I'm under the full effects of medication. I could have taken the antibiotic shortcut in order to ensure my return to work right away, but there's that part of me that's paranoid about becoming overly reliant on antibiotics to right off infections. Given the way the human body works, I do my best to keep my antibiotic use to a minimum in order to avoid building up some sort of a resistance to the drugs. And my current temperature range doesn't have me feeling that going to such lengths is necessary. So for now I'll just grin and bear it.

I'm lucky that Tobie's around to help me make feel better. And we still managed to get Yoshi brought to the vet for his regular deworming session.

In other news, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Bohol and has caused significant damage around the Visayas. A lot of old churches and other structures were heavily damaged (some practically leveled) and there has been at least 20 people confirmed dead, but I expect this number to change over time. Everyone's still in first-response crisis mode, I expect, and information is always a little sketchy during these periods.

I sincerely hope that our crisis response is sufficient to help those in need. I don't have prayers to offer given my agnostic nature, so all I can share are my best intentions and the earnest hope that the government does its job. We always say that communities can be come rather resilient during such situations and I believe in the human spirit to surmount any adversity.