0167D: Head Cold

That's not the blush of summer
This cold is getting really annoying.

Initially it seemed more like an allergic reaction since I only really started sneezing when I went home to my parent's house over the weekend. I'm used to struggling with the sniffles while there since they still have Carrie, our golden retriever, and the living room is an air-conditioned environment. I found some relief by taking a shower before I left and trying not to move around the house so much.

But then things continued on at Mahar's place during our Sunday game, and this is also a recent occurrence as of late. It seems that when it rains, the weather stirs something up in the area that drives my nose crazy. Despite our still being in an air-conditioned environment, I found myself sneezing my head off. It certainly made gaming a little more difficult than normal, which is quite a shame.

So we opted not to go out last night - a good idea since the smoky environment of O Bar would probably just aggravate things. So after a good night's sleep, I'm still dealing with the sniffles to some extent and my head feels like it's full of molasses or something. I know it's partly the fact that I took a Decolgen this morning in the hopes of dispelling this cold once and for all. But otherwise this is more than just an acute allergic reaction. I'm seriously worried that this is the start of some greater malaise, especially given Tobie be out of town this weekend since his family is finally pushing through with their Singapore trip. So yeah, definitely not a fun time to be sick.

Be nice to me work week. I really don't need too much additional stress right now.