0167C: Stay Home Sunday

So we're not heading out to O Bar tonight given both Tobie and I are pretty beat. While it was a weekend relatively apart from one another, that didn't necessarily make it any less busy and thus just about as tiring as any other weekend. Add in the fact that we both lack sleep between my hanging out with my brother and his going to O Bar yesterday and we have a recipe for two tried doggies. So yeah, O Bar will need to take a bit of a break for today.

We still had our Sunday game at Mahar's place, and it was quite the fun session. Despite a slightly slow start since we were all tired for one reason or another, things certainly picked up once the dice started to roll. Oddly enough we didn't exactly have combat scenes for today despite it being a Wuxia game. But that's not to say there was no martial arts going on - we just applied our various kung-fu skills in different ways. Thus the culmination of the session was a rather tense dinner that had different player characters trying to advance their respective agendas.

Tonight won't immediately be about rest though. Tobie finally picked up our new shelves yesterday so we're going to spend a good amount time rearranging things and getting them set up. It's not quite an ideal time to be cleaning the Sietch given I've been sneezing almost non-stop since last night. But then again, there's no time like the present, especially when it comes to cleaning. And the sooner we get this done, the sooner we'll get all our gear out on display for everyone to see. And that'll be pretty cool.
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