0167A: Stormy Weekend Ahead

We're dealing with another typhoon this weekend, this one being Santi (International Name: Nari). The city seems especially vulnerable to the weather this week - the non-typhoon rain the other day was already enough to drive traffic to horrendous levels. This city is so pathetic.

There were recent proposals by the MMDA to create a Bureau of Drainage Systems to monitor the capital's floodways and come up with solutions. This role is currently part of the MMDA's responsibilities and the proposal seems like a pass-the-buck solution, quite frankly. I don't think it matters if it's the MMDA's job or a new department's job - someone just needs to empower them to have enough power to deal with the different municipalities that make up Metro Manila. Our flooding and traffic issues are more political in nature than anything else. Sure there are other systemic factors, but I can't help but feel that the biggest barrier to coming up with any kind of reasonable solution remains to be the different city governments.

We have a long and arduous road ahead of us. In the meantime, we need to get past this weekend. Keep your umbrellas handy folks! And don't forget that there's another one coming along quick on its heels.
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