01677: Work Week Blahs

I'm off to a slow start to my week. And it's not because I'm not busy - but more like I'm feeling rather sluggish for one reason or another. I suppose that's to be expected after any good weekend. Or maybe it has more to do with the thought that Tobie might be out of town this coming weekend and so every moment with him this week becomes a bit more precious.

And yes, I know this sounds like ridiculously sappy couples stuff. And it probably is given we do live together and get to spend more time as a couple than most others do. But that does't mean that it'll ever feel like one is getting "enough" time or anything like that. And time apart is always a bit of a strain, especially since that time will fall on the weekend, which is when we really get to just relax and enjoy things as a couple. The week days have their moments, but more often than not it ends up feeling like we're running after one another given our respective schedules.

I could probably say more, but my brain just isn't in the mood right now. Bugger.

I think I'll be better once I get past my big Wednesday night shift.