01676: Assessing the Week

The week ahead promises to be rather busy on multiple fronts - which is pretty much how things are every week, when I really think about it. This week is notable given a major client visit at the office and some family stuff on the weekend. Plus there's the big possibility that Tobie will be out of town for a Singapore trip with his family. That'll mean a weekend alone at the Sietch with Yoshi as my primary companion.

I know I'll get through this, but darn it's going to be a bit of a struggle. I seriously think I need to consider scheduling some deliberate vacation time for myself. As much as there are a number of local holidays coming up, they don't typically apply to me unless I actually file them as leaves and such. It's a quirk of the call center industry, but you get used to it given enough time.

And that's not counting my usual blogging "obligations" and my desire to invest more time in my creative writing. Plus there's the significant number of Transformers still waiting to be unboxed and the new shelves expected to be ready for delivery this week.

So much to do, so little time.

Wish me luck. We all need it.