01675: Gaming and Telekinetic Teenagers

So last night's gaming session was pretty epic. It has been quite a while since we've had a game session last so long - we actually finished with the sun in the sky at around 07:30am. As our first forray into the world of the Night's Black Agents, it was certainly an interesting experience.

My character is this creepy ex-KGB sleeper agent who has a history of being a "cleaner" - you know the guy who is able to remove all evidence from a crime scene one way or another. Small jobs are easy, I imagine, but this far I've been faced with some pretty messy scenes. And thus the only way to remove all relevant evidence from such locations tends to involve fire or high explosives. It makes perfect sense to my character, but it isn't exactly something that sits all that well with the rest of the team. I expect.

The gumshoe system is rather different from other game systems we've tried given the whole element of "clues" as provided by the investigative skills (as opposed to general skill). They're something like wagers in Houses of the Blooded, although they can be both more powerful and yet more limited. Given these facts are tied to various areas of specialization for your character, it acts as a nice balance to things. Plus there's the ability to help out fellow players that you trust, provided that you can explain a logical way your character can do so in-game.

And we haven't even gotten to the vampires.

Today we caught the last show of the Atlantis Productions run of Carrie: the Musical. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this show but in the end I was rather happy with it. And while it's pretty much guaranteed that Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo is going to be awesome in any show that she's in, the rest of the cast was rather great as well. And we were particularly surprised by the vocal range of K-La Rivera and how well she managed the role of Carrie despite the fact she had joined the cast mid-way through the production given the original lead had taken ill. For anyone to learn a lead role in pretty much 6 days is a rather phenomenal feat.

Throw in some interesting performance numbers and a pretty creative approach to the set and the whole thing came together rather well. Sure some of the songs themselves felt a little weird, but that's not the fault of the cast but more about the original music and lyrics for the show.

Now we're resting a bit before heading out to O Bar Ortigas again tonight. We're just making the most of the weekend.
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