01674: Pre-Game Blog Post

We're settling down for another game night with Marvin, Jeff and now Arj, who is a bit of an addition to the composition of this group. The Saturday games remain nicely diverse since there are so many different groups that vie for Saturday slots. Thus it means different game systems ranging from basic board games to different tabletop RPGs.

Tonight's game is the tabletop RPG Night's Black Agents, which is a spy game with some supernatural touches. My character type is shaping up to be something like the lead in Person of Interest, although that may be more Arj's character in the full-on combat sense. At least I can get a car anytime I want, in a manner of speaking. We're still going through character creation right now and that' always a rather tedious process, unless you're playing a game like Dungeon World or something.

I feel rather tired right now despite having gotten a decent amount of sleep today. I guess it was just one of those really draining work weeks or something. We have a lot of plates spinning again and that has me needing to think a lot. Thinking is heavy work, believe it or not.
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