01673: Battling It Out At SM Cubao

The first week of the month is always one of the more expensive times. A lot of the regular bills come in during this period and there are a lot of regular expenses. As much as we potentially save more through Shopwise's First Wednesday 10x points promotion, it also means our monthly grocery run is clustered together with the utilities and such. It's a necessary evil of sorts, one that we've learned to map the Sietch budget around.

Today was a unique event since (1) it's one of those regular 3-day sales that SM runs around typical pay day, and (2) Friday marked a special sale period for SM Advantage card holders. As much as I loathe that membership card, it was a good thing that Tobie's mom gave him one. It really came in handy today.

So we got a lot done. First we dropped off Yoshi at Pet Express for grooming. Then we picked up a few Kre-O Transformers Custom Kreons kits - I know have 4 of the 6 possible designs with Optimus and Megatron being the ones naturally missing. The big achievement was battling the insane horde at ACE Hardware just so we could place the order for the modular EZ Shelves that Tobie had been arranging with one of the girls. She had clued us in to the coming sale and had worked out that we could pay for the shelves today and they'd be available for pick-up next week. We just had to figure out how to get to the counter with so many other people taking advantage of the extra 10% off exclusive to SM Advantage card holders.

It was so crazy.

Finally got a new mouse for my computer (since the old one was having major LMB issues), and we managed to restock Yoshi's supplies during the last 30 minutes of the special sale period. Did I fail to mention that the extra 10% off only applies between 10:00am - 12:00pm? Thankfully, Tobie and I are really efficient shoppers. We even got a new carpet for the bathroom area and a spray bottle to boot. And Yoshi's food supplies (including special snacks and some cans of Doggi Love) should last us until the next major sale period. We're also going to experiment with this gel-based toothpaste-like solution that should help loosen any tartar and plaque build-up Yoshi has. As much as brushing is important, Yoshi's really not comfy with me sticking a toothbrush in his mouth.

So yeah, today "ended" on a high note for me considering how much we managed to accomplish right after my work shift. I shall sleep rather peacefully this afternoon in preparation for my final shift of the week later tonight.