01671: Shelving Solution!

I'm pretty excited that Tobie has gone ahead and made arrangements with the local ACE Hardware to get us new shelves. It's one of those long-term projects that have been lingering for a while but he's recently taken steps to make things happen. And these aren't your good-for-one-assembly type deals that sag within days of put loading them with books. These are a particularly modular system known as EZ Shelves that were picked up by ACE years ago but seems to have died down in terms of interest over the years. Thus trying to assemble a complete set has been a pain if you focus on any one store.

So Tobie took the initiative to negotiate with a number of ACE sales people (yes it took multiple attempts at the same branch) before we finally found the right person to assemble the order. She's been pulling inventory from different branches to help us gather the right components for two full sets that will become the new homes of many of my Transformers and our other collectibles like our DVDs, books, and game boards. It's going to be a significant outlay, but the best thing about this shelving system is that it's free-standing. Thus moving it around won't be too much of a hassle whether we decide to redecorate at home or when we finally move into a more permanent home.

We won't be able to get them in one color though - I did point out that the item hasn't seen much interest in recent years. So were going to settle for black shelves with white support struts to give us a hint of the floating shelf illusion that some folks like to pull off. And once we get these shelves, maybe I'll be finally able to convince Tobie that he has more than addressed the desire to get me something for my birthday. He's silly that way.