0166E: Such Fun on the Weekend

So last night's FTC game night went rather well - I won 2 out of 3 competitive games (Last Night on Earth and Dixit - Tobie still beat me at Settlers of Catan) and we defeated both of the cooperative games that we played (namely Pandemic and Forbidden Island).. That along with fun banter, couple's innuendo, and near relationship-breaking game maneuvers all made for a great night.

It's crazy how many game boards we already have here at the Sietch. And they do make for some diverse social events with friends since you get to challenge them in different ways. Thankfully no friendships have been broken (yet) - although I fear continued games of Settlers of Catan will continue to put us in jeopardy. And it's a good thing we didn't bring out Citadels this time around - that would have been a killer combination.

Today Tobie, Prince and I visited the Mind Museum for the very first time. We had purchased some tickets for the traveling Da Vinci the Genius exhibition at a discount last month. The exhibit was pretty cool, although I now have more respect for the Da Vinci's Workshop over at SM Mall of Asia - they stand up pretty well in comparison for a fraction of the price.

Tobie and I had gotten a sneak peek at a lot of the exhibits during a preview event that the museum had set up for patrons that had donated to the project. The very hands-on nature of things of course has resulted in a lot of wear and tear on the various exhibits, which is both a good and a bad thing. Great for kids, but bad for long-term maintenance costs. Thus a lot of the displays could use a bit more love.

But a lot of it was still awesome like the dizzying tunnel that makes you queasy and of course the fantastic T-rex fossil. I mean seriously, that thing is just massive and you totally get overwhelmed just looking at it. It was just totally, totally cool.

We still spent a fair amount of time exploring the museum and it was a decent amount of fun still. Sure a lot of the stuff seems meant for much younger patrons, but then the science nerd in me still enjoyed a lot of the displays. It's still a pretty impressive and one of the better museums that we have in the country. It's not quite ArtScience Museum levels, but perhaps it will get there in time.

Oh, and you can totally check out our little donation to the museum at this virtual exhibit. Yay for the Mice Galaxies!