0166D: Recovery Game Night

Still not quite well, but definitely feeling better. I still feel like I'm only getting by with a precarious balance of self-medication. Not terribly fun, but at least I'm functional.

Tonight we have a game night planned, although the mercurial weather certainly attempted to throw a monkey wrench in our plans. On the flip side, the night does feel cooler than normal, so that's a good thing. Cooler is way better than humid, so it's good that the weather is learning to vent properly and get through its feelings. Just don't over do it, local weather!

Anyway, just waiting for the rest of the players to arrive for the game night. This is more of a board game night than an RPG night, which isn't a bad thing at all. A good mix of both game types makes for a more well-rounded Sietch gaming experience. And we're all the better for it.