0166B: Yoshi Therapy Sessions

All bananas belong to Yoshi
At the end of a long and tiring work day, it's nice to come home to a dog, even when he thinks he's a cat. I have yet to properly catch some of Yoshi's feline antics on camera just yet, but he has some really quirky habits like perching precariously on Tobie's lap or reaching out his paws in something like a cat stretch when he wants to get your attention. But more than the feline traits, Yoshi simply has an amazingly strong personality, it's hard not to imagine him as a person. He meets your gaze head on to stress a point and he makes all these funny faces when he doesn't understand what you're up to. The list of his quirks go on and on and they go a long way towards making both me and Tobie feel a whole lot better when we return to the Sietch from our respective jobs.

Work has been rather killer this week and I have certainly relied on Yoshi relief a lot in order to get this far. I almost threw in the towel last night because my stomach was being all upset, but instead I took a Diatabs capsule (irony) and pressed on. I made it through the day okay, but of course now I'm back to having Yoshi on the chair beside me to give me more comfort. And this dog has a lot to give - at least when he's not making food demands of you. But hay, cuddles for bananas sounds like a fair trade to me.

There are just two more shifts until the weekend and I couldn't rush the work week away any faster even if I tried. With luck things will be better next week, but of course better isn't necessarily less busy. And to be fair, it's not the work that generates the most stress. More often than not it's the people - or least certain personalities that you just don't seem to get along with. It is a job after all - you're there to work together but not necessarily become friends. Such is the working world for you.


  1. Hugs. Yoshi has been such a dogsend into our lives. :-)


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