01668: Weather Work

It's another rainy Monday - and once again it's not actually a typhoon or storm that's terrorizing the country. Okay, perhaps terrorizing is too strong a word given it's not like the weather ever makes demands of us or releases badly edited videos on the internet. If anything, the rains have been generally constant over the years - the Philippines is of course a tropical country. What has changed is the overall population of Metro Manila while no changes have been made to the mega-city's drainage capabilities.

Tobie is working from home today while I'm sure that I'll still end up going to work later tonight. I've noticed that on non-storm days it tends to be bright and sunny in the morning but it tends to rain in the evening just as I'm heading to the office. On majorly stormy days (or days like this when a storm has left more rain in the city), I find that it rains most of the day but in the evening things tend to weaken and dissipate sufficiently so I can go to work. As much as I'd like a day off or two, this just gets kinda crazy. It's like the optimal pattern to inconvenience me a best as possible in terms of my going to work.

A work at home job would really feel like a great option for days like this. But work at home jobs rarely pay as well as full-time office jobs, especially full-time positions at BPO and ITO companies around here. I keep going back to this little consideration whenever I think about going to work in this kind of weather. And of course there are those days when I want to do something fun on a week night but I have to consider the fact that I still have to go to the office. And this is a sort of internal debate that I'm going to go over time and time again for as long as I work in this industry, I suppose.

It would be fun to run our own business as well, but we'd need seed capital plus we'd need a really good business idea with a decent enough location to work out of. The idea that keeps coming back to us about running a sort of gaming cafe - but focused on board games and not necessarily computer games. It needs to be big enough to host a decent trivia-night style event but not too big to have it become empty wasted space in the day.

Oh considerations. But at least Tobie and I have the rest of our lives to figure something out soon enough.