01667: Sneezy

My allergies are going crazy right now - I'm not sure if it's triggered by the weather in general or perhaps the fact that Mahar has a rather large labrador named Nash. He tends to roam around Mahar's house and I'm sure his fur is all over the place. This is the second gaming Sunday here at Mahar's place that I've found my nose going crazy. It makes for rather miserable gaming to some extent, but I'm doing my best to manage as best as I can.

That's one of the ironies of my family. We totally love dogs and of course pets in general but a lot of us can't survive animal fur all that long. Between our allergies and our asthma, there's really not much that can be done. Instead we medicate or perhaps rely on caffeine as best as we can. This may explain why we're all hooked on coffee, more or less.

We're still planning on going out after the game - I hope my sneezing stops by then. But I'm not overly optimistic about that at this point. I still can't seem to isolate what's causing this. Bugger.