01666: Saturday Meltdown

Ugh, yesterday's story was horrible. As in totally pointless with no conflict and no true direction. But that's what I get for forcing a story while feeling totally stressed out from work. It's just been one of those kinds of weeks when there's so much to do that it just gets super crazy. I survived long enough to make it to the weekend and I'm going to do my best to make this time count.

Tonight we have a Vampire game with one of our Saturday groups. It's sort of funny how we segregate the Sietch gamers based on their typical gaming schedules. Thus there are multiple Saturday groups and one Sunday group (but that group runs multiple games concurrently). It's certainly a fun way to spend the weekend and it totally helps me hit my social goals on my personal development scorecard.

Gaming is great for socializing since it means that you spend your time with fellow geeks, more or less. Sure, you don't necessarily love all the same things, but you're all passionate about one thing or another and are more than willing to share your passions with others. And that's what makes being a geek so awesome - the sharing and learning and fun stuff that come along with all that good stuff.

On the other hand, having regular games here at the Sietch also keeps me and Tobie on our toes when it comes to keeping the Sietch decently presentable. Thus Saturdays like today are inevitably spent cleaning the house, giving Yoshi a bath and making sure that we're halfway presentable for guests. We're never 100% spotless and shiny, but we do well enough to survive the night.

I could use a massage though. Then again, I think I always feel like I could use a massage after work. Go figure.


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