01660: An Alternative Weekend Experience

My favorite piece from the exhibit

So last night Tobie and I went to Today x Future for the first time in order to support my friend Carlo's art exhibit called "Black Maps". He has a rather distinct art style that relies heavily on the marriage of different patterns on different media and the end result is pretty amazing. It was also the first time that the two of us had met in person, which was also a good thing.

We were there pretty early, so that gave us time to explore the place and enjoy it's rather unique sense of style. It also featured a rather unique book collection that included, of all things, The Starfleet Survival Guide by David Mack. It's a rather quirky book that tries to provide the reader with a rich guide on how to survive various Star Trek threats with solutions derived from various episodes. Had the book been for sale, I would have purchased the somewhat worn copy. For now, I'll either try to hunt it down in local stores or give up and just order an ebook copy for my Kindle.

Today has been nicely lazy and Tobie and I have just been resting here at the Sietch. Of course resting also involves playing a ridiculous amount of Diablo III on the PS3, which is proving to be a most compelling game indeed. I'm pretty impressed with how they adapted the game for the PS3 console without sacrifcing the rich complexity behind the original PC game. Sure they took some shortcuts here and there and tried to simplify things as best as they could. However the end result is a rather rich cooperative gaming experience. Plus buying the game was way cheaper than investing in new computers and then buying two copies of the PC game just so we could do what we're doing now. Hooray for console enjoyment!

Later tonight we're bound to go to O Bar Ortigas again. Our new friend Bee has become quite the O Bar addict it seems and it's fun to accompany him during such jaunts into the queer club scene.
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