0165E: About My Weight

So Tobie and I got into a fairly serious conversation the other day and that led to me finally verbalizing something that I've been afraid to even blog about - I'm not comfortable with my current weight level. I've been a fairly big guy for some time but I've put on quite a number of pounds over the course of the past year, and it's not good. I've had to buy new pants and new shirts and I'm on the brink of retiring some clothes that I really like.

I hadn't realized that these feelings had reached a point that they were creeping into other parts of my demeanor - something that Tobie was subject to in rather weird ways. So I'm going to try to do something about it and deal with the problem. This won't lead to me becoming a gym rat or anything crazy like that. I don't see the point in trying to attain that kind of a momentary physique. Plus I enjoy good food way too much. But Tobie is going to work with me to try and find healthier eating options, reduce our fast food intake and eat in better, more responsible portions.

In this regard, I'm glad that a new Subway has opened up in the area, providing us with some healthier eating options while we're out. I brought home some sandwiches for our breakfast today, which made for a pretty nice meal indeed. I also plan on walking more to get more physical activity in and if I get the nerve to do so I'll try to figure out an exercise routine here at home. I may even try getting down one MRT station earlier at Santolan so I have more of a walk on the way home.

Already I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know I'm really lucky that Tobie is so supportive. It really does help prove that communication is key in any relationship.