0165D: A Show About Waste Management Consulting

I'm not quite sure why I ended up loading the DVD for The Sopranos today, but it just felt like the right thing to do. After getting through a number of increasingly inane episodes of Arrow over the past few days, I guess I was craving some really good television. And with so many shows on break before the big fall season, I found myself digging back into the archives.

And I concede, it's not like we don't have so many other shows that we're trying to finish whether on DVD or on our hard drives. But I guess I've been feeling this ever since the recent passing of James Gandolfini, who played the now iconic mob boss character. Gods I love this show.

Oddly enough, Tobie has never really gotten into the show before for one reason or another. So it's one of those rare chances when I get to introduce him to something new. He has given me tabletop gaming, Studio Ghibli, and the odd horror movie here or there. I've shared with him Star Trek, Dune and now The Sopranos. And the "cultural exchange" continues on and on with each passing day.

Back to Tony - why the heck am I so into a show about New Jersey gangsters? It's not like I'm particularly in love with mob culture (that would be my mother). But what this show really has going for it is amazingly realistic characters and quite the strong family story to tell. Yes, they also have a propensity to whack people left and right and all that silly stuff. But on the whole. it's still a classic family story with your (almost) traditional family problems. And I love their eccentric, often foul-mouthed dynamic.

In other news, Tobie's trip to Singapore got cancelled. All of a sudden, we have a free weekend to ourselves. And it's the annual international book fair to book. Fun!
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