0165C: Tobie Travel Time

So Tobie is leaving for Singapore tomorrow as part of a planned trip with his family. It means that managing things at the Sietch will be down to me and Yoshi for the most part, but I'm pretty sure that'll do well enough on our own. I'll handle all the cooking and cleaning while Yoshi will be cute and adorable. He's really good at that.

Given how the bulk of my daily routine involves Tobie in a manner that is very similar to actual married life. So whenever we have to be apart, it does through a bit of a monkey wrench into our affairs. And more than anything else, it's a little depressing. But of course we'll get through things well enough.

That means I need to make sure that I wake up for work on my won for two shifts - Thursday and Friday night, to be specific. I have a mixed legacy of waking up on my own. There are times that I'm amazing at it and I wake up even earlier than planned. There are times when everything goes to heck and I end up over sleeping or staying up out of fear of not being able to wake up.


Irony - after I drafted this post, Tobie found out that the entire trip was cancelled. Crazy.


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