0165A: Mario Progress Report

Caring for Mario over the past few days has been rather tiring, but in a good way. Such is the nature of pet care, especially when it involves puppies like him. It'll be some time before a lot of his more insecure behaviors are trained out of him, and that certainly won't happen over the course of a few days.

His fur is starting to look a lot better and his skin condition does seem to be under control now. It'll take perhaps another week or so of the shampoo before he's truly cured of whatever was ailing him. The doctor wasn't too clear on the initial diagnosis, but at leas that treatment appears to be working. It could have been worse though - the doctor had been able to definitively rule out mites after all.

Of course the challenge of handling a dog with such a condition has been more tiring than expected. Case in point, last night our plans of heading out to O Bar were thrown at the window since Tobie was unable to rouse me from my power nap. I guess I was more tired than I had realized, plus I had taken a Decolgen to deal with my incessant sneezing. Good night Rocky indeed.

Another work week has begun and I'll have to deal with my own shift come tonight. I'll try to get some more chores done before actually retiring for the day. I just hope that I actually manage to get some sleep - it's not quite easy to do so when I accidentally sleep at night against my required work routine.