01659: Dizzy Game Time

Ack, I'm sneezing like crazy and I'm not sure why. I have either caught the cold that Tobie's been struggling with or I'm just having some sort of an allergic reaction to something. Given it has been raining on and off, it could just be the cold or the complex changes in the air that are associated with such weather shifts. My asthma is slightly tickled by the weather as well, so I'm not in a 100% fun state at this point.

But at the same time, we've been engaged in the somewhat arduous process of character creation.To be fair, it's not that painful compared to the first Weapons of the Gods system, but it is still lengthy despite the improvements made in Legends of the Wulin, the successor to that original game. At least we're finally running tests on the system - the system remains familiar and yet still new.

I just wish that my nose would clear up sooner. We're planning on going to O Bar later.