01655: Wednesday Round-Up

Finally went back to work last night - things were okay but fairly busy given how long I had been out. Still, the perceived "extra" work (which was really the regular work compressed into a smaller amount of time) was still work the time away from the office. I feel fairly recharged, but of course still wanting to spend more time playing with my new Metroplex (who is indefinitely parked in the middle of our dining table).

We just got back from our Shopwise First Wednesday grocery day. It ends up being a bit of a rush since our limited free time happens to be during the supermarket's last hour of operations, but no major complaints really. Tobie and I are fairly efficient in the grocery shopping department and we know our routine through the store fairly well. I think the only thing that can screw it up is when we're considering new recipes or the supermarket decides to go through one of its regular reorganization efforts.

Work again in a bit plus my annual physical exam. That's certainly one good thing about being in a call center - they make sure that you can complete your entire APE at the office without the need to go to some accredited clinic or something. It certainly helps you save on time, provided you make sure to go through the efforts. In my case, the delicious Subway sandwich that I'm eating now will have to last me for a good 6 hours of fasting for my blood test. Such fun.