01654: Sietch Health Complications

In the Philippines, it is often remarked that the coming of the "BER" months (i.e. September, October, November, December) represents the coming of Christmas as well. It feels like the kind of thinking that the retail market wants to instill in folks given it justifies really early Christmas sales as early as now.

On the other hand, the coming of the fourth quarter of the year represents the shifting of the weather as well. So if there's one thing that reminds me that Christmas is coming is the increasing frequency of my weather-triggered asthma attacks. Things get especially when it gets colder, thus I'm more likely to wake-up my the familiar tightness in my chest that one associates with asthma  when I wake up for shift in the evening. This is also why I ended up not going to work last night.

To make matters worse, a condominium is being built right next to ours, and that's not helping me with my sleep or my health either. I'm sure there's more ambient dust and debris from the construction work and the noise pollution in the day is just horrible. There's everything from hammering, sawing, the whine of power tools and the drone of heavy machinery all throughout the day. Given this is when I typically sleep since I work the graveyard shift, none of this really helps me much.

Poor sleep. Increased asthma frequency. Not fun.

Plus this week is the schedule for our annual physical at the office. Oh joy.
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