01653: Reawakening Metroplex

So our friend Zeki is here at the Sietch today, which was a rather serendipitous coincidence since we had mapped out this visit before I acquired the new Metroplex figure last Saturday. Despite my excitement to open out the box, we simply had no time to do so given our rather busy weekend schedule. So Zeki coming along today was a even more fun even since he was around to help me with the unboxing and the rather formidable detailing.

All incarnations of this Metroplex figure (there are differences between the US and Asian releases) have over 100 stickers to apply. And the process was rather tedious and at times maddening due to bad sticker design, unclear decal instructions or fumbling fingers. Zeki brought along his Gundam kit with various tools that helped with the process, but it still took a fair amount of time to get all of them applied precisely. And despite our shared caution, I still swapped two stickers by accident. But oh well, the end result still looked pretty great.

He truly is the biggest Transformer ever - I compared him to a number of my biggies. And Zeki and I kind of went nuts bringing out my various Minibots to fill up the "Scramble City" as much as we could.

And yes, there is nothing wrong with grown men playing with Transformers. You're just jealous. LOL

The rest of my photos of the unboxing and initial play time can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/116077804297947544520/090213TransformersHongkongACGMetroplex

Such a fun weekend indeed!


  1. Sweet stash you got there. Is this Takara version, or the SDCC/ACG version?


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