01652: Metroplex Is MINE

So I bought the Hong Kong AGC Metroplex, um, “action figure”. Originally I had planned to wait for a retail release of the core Hasbro US figure, but more and more it looks like a retail release won’t happen here in the Philippines. But since I had been waiting for this long, I had opted not to make any pre-orders for the figure, and that had me feeling all in a panic about the chances of not getting one. And this Metroplex release is too good to resist. I mean come on, this robot now holds the title of biggest Transformer ever, a title that was once held by Fortress Maximus, who remains a favorite.

So before the 12th anniversary party of Via Astris, the Star Trek Club of the Philippines, we swung by Greenhills on the off chance of finding one that the stores might have in stock. Most stores didn’t have it any more and the few that did were selling it at ridiculous rates. I mean seriously, one was offering the core US version for P10,000! But thankfully my main store had an alternate version of the figure, this being the Hong Kong one, for a decent rate. I figured that if I was going to pay more for this toy, I might as well a special edition of the toy. Plus admittedly the coloring of the US release was oddly the most boring one. All of the Asian releases had nice chrome bits that echo the original details of the first Metroplex.

I have not unboxed the guy just yet – haven’t had any time to do so given the partying yesterday (we still ended up at O Bar) and then today’s RPG session. I hope to make some time to do precisely that tomorrow morning...after O Bar. So exciting!


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the hasbro ain't boring! huhuhuhu

  2. Scrap my question in your semi-review of it. And I'm glad you got this version instead. It's still a steal in my opinion for 9k.


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