0160F: Mid-Week Fatigue

It's already the middle of the work week and yet I still feel like I'm playing catch-up. But catching up to what precisely? Well, at least it's not work. It's more all the other stuff that I want to do as leisure activities like queue more blog entries for the Geeky Guide, write posts for Baduy Pride and open up more Transformers. But one can only do so much given the limited time that we have. Oh life.

I still have all the photos from our O Bar nights from last weekend to process, edit and upload accordingly. Then there's the need to prepare for the big O Bar Pride Party this weekend to boot! And that'll mean even more photos and videos and crazy times.

And there are more relaxing things that I'd like to do as well like get a massage, try out new restaurants or even just stay home and watch movies or something. Plus there are PS3 games that are demanding to be played - both single-player games and fun co-op romps that Tobie and I hope to play together.

But every weekend we juggle more and more obligations in the form of games, dinners and parties. Plus we have to factor in Tobie's work responsibilities for his two jobs, which spans 6 days of every week.

All this isn't necessarily a "problem" - just a natural consequence of the "busy" nature of our lives. So I guess you could say that I'm just ranting - or more likely just rambling. There are just so many things that I'd love to do, but don't necessarily have that much time or resources for. And thus we work to get things done and afford to one day do the things that I want to do together with Tobie. Such is the reality of life in this capitalist society.