0160B: Phone Temptation

I almost bought a new phone today.

As mentioned before, I've been weighing getting a new phone in order to address feature deficiencies with my older Nokia N63. It's still a decent phone - technically it is a smartphone. But at the same time it's not fully featured and the Symbian environment is a dead end since Nokia has moved on to the Windows mobile operating system. Oh well.

I could technically afford the phone on credit card installment - that's not really the issue here. Sure it'll mean carrying the debt, but that's the joy of this consumer-driven world that we live in.

The bigger question is getting the right phone, especially since I'm unlikely to change phones for a number of years. I can't remember precisely when I bought this phone about 2+ years ago at the very least, so I'm sort of due for a new one. Plus I have battery issues, but that's besides the point. The main goal is to have a phone that can last 2-3 years - the longer the better. And so I want to make sure it's a pretty robust one indeed.

Decisions, decisions.