0160A: LGBT Pride 2013 Plans of a Sort

It's the big O Bar Pride Party 2013 on June 29 - and it looks like it's going to be a pretty awesome event. I hope Tobie and I can survive the crowds - but such is the nature of LGBT Pride year after year, regardless of the venue. And note that this is a "Pride Party" - it's best to be clear given there are a numberWhite Parties these days.

It's kind of quirky that there are now so many different White Parties this year. I'd like to say that this means that the LGBT community is gaining greater recognition. However I feel this recognition is largely driven by event organizers smelling potential pink revenue.

Tomorrow is Cloud - The White Party 5.0, which is a legitimate if somewhat classier LGBT Pride event. It'll be held at Martini's Bar at the Mandarin Oriental starting at 09:00pm. Then on the same day as the O Bar Pride Party are two other White Parties. One is the Bigfish Innovation White event at the World Trade Center. The entrance is a minimum of P700, but I can only confirm that it's a party with a white theme but not necessarily a true LGBT Pride event.

At the same time there's the White Party Manila 12 at Orosa-Nakpil with a minimum entrance of P200. Before the Malate White Party would be the big event for everyone to go to, but now Che'lu is pretty much the only bar left in the area so I don't see a major need to go. And lastly there's the White Party Manila Evolution at the Metrotent at Ortigas. It's weird since this event is being organized by the dreaded Mentorque Productions - the same production company that had been organizing the recent street party events at Malate. I guess there has been some sort of falling out and now they've moved on to a different location.

And these are just the June celebrations. The other half of the regular LGBT Pride celebrations in the country take place in December as best represented by the annual Metro Manila Pride March. But this year I strongly suspect there will be some confusion over that event as well given the way things are going.

As for me and Tobie, we'll definitely be at the O Bar event. After all, O Bar is like a second home to us and of course we want to be together with our friends when celebrating LGBT Pride. That's really all that matters at the core of things. I just wish the rest of the LGBT community in this country could be just as simple and direct as well.
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