01608: Mid-Week Mobile Mumbling

Well, my first day back at the office after the big Singapore trip was as busy as expected. With a few deadlines looming over my head and a bunch of work tasks that had piled up during my absence, I certainly had to hit the ground run. And while initially I was feeling all sluggish and less than ideally motivated, it didn't take long for me to cast all that aside and just focus on what needed to be done. Thus I left the office with a clear conscience and with a decent sense of accomplishment to boot.

Now I just need to get through the rest of the work week.

Still thinking about what new mobile phone Tobie and I should get. I sort of what to hold out for a stock Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but that won't see release in the US until the 26th. I have no idea how long it'll take before they start magically appearing over here in the Philippines.

One thing that I am sure about is that I won't work with Globe, my mobile carrier, in terms of getting the actual unit of whichever phone we decide to upgrade to. Given both Tobie and I are relatively limited in our mobile consumption, we don't qualify for competitive discounts in exchange for contract terms. Thus I'm better off just paying the phone outright as opposed to becoming locked into a single plan for a fixed term. Yesterday I downgraded my plan to a relatively decent P499 option including the P99 50MB data plan. I'll monitor my consumption for a month or two in order to determine if I could actually get away with being on the minimum P299 plan instead.

But this is just me obsessing over every last peso when it comes to "necessary" expenses like mobile phone service and high speed internet. Obviously everything gets thrown out the window when it comes to geekier pursuits like my Transformers collecting.